The Aesthetic Townscape
Travel Scholarship

「街並みの美学」トラベルスカラシップ 概要

「街並みの美学」を代表とする著作や建築作品を通して街並みに対する意識の高まりに大きな貢献を果した建築家 芦原義信を記念して2006年に設立されました。

This scholarship was founded in commemoration of Yoshinobu Ashihara, an architect who contributed greatly to awareness of the townscape through his design projects and publications as represented by his book 'The Aesthetic Townscape'.
In order to convey the true spirit of “the aesthetic townscape” to future generations, Ashihara Architect & Associates issues travel grants to students who have completed graduation projects deemed outstanding from the “the aesthetic townscape” perspective, for use in the first year of their master’s degree course in architecture.